January 2020.

Thanks for visiting. My website has exciting (and much needed) updates to look forward to!

We plan make scores and other media available in the coming months. I hope you'll check back.

Also, 2020 will see the release of a new album of guitar music composed for, and performed by me!

I've been busy practicing (stiff and rusty fingers), composing new material, recording, and teaching; so, I have been neglecting efforts to reach out on this platform.

For now, this "statement" will be become a quasi blog until I complete my website rehab with updated links, info, and news.

So, here's to new resolutions!

If you're reading this, you mean something me. Again, as friends often say: "keep coming back."

Please contact with comments, suggestions, questions, or for any information.

With Kindest Personal Regards in 2020.